Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bits & Pieces

1. Yesterday my grand daughters (ages 6 & 3) proudly showed me a recent gift from their uncle (which probably included some stuff from their father): IV bags, tubes, connectors, bandages, medical charts, sugical gloves, assorted paraphernalia & a doll called Igi IV. They then proceeded to explain the purpose of all of this stuff-accurately! To think, when I was 6 I was pushing dump trucks and bulldozers around in a sand box. But then I never pretended to be a genius.

2. Here's an excellent example of a knee-jerk reaction: Recently there was a tragic accident in CT where a school bus and a car collided resulting in the death of a student. The driver of the bus was not licensed to drive a vehicle of that weight. It was the first school-bus related fatality ever recorded in the state of Connecticut. Immediately a state representative called for legislation mandating seat belts on buses. Bad idea. Accidents are terrible but you have to back away from the emotion of it and look at it statistically. First, the cost is prohibitive. But if that seems callous to you, consider the actual consequences of seat belts on a bus-especially one transporting small children. Can you imagine the chaos, delays and numerous incidents of tripping kids they would cause? It would take forever for a bus to get to school-or home-because the diver is busy buckling or unbuckling every kid. Factor in the high probability of kids tripping on belts hanging all over and you have a mess. All this because out of all the kids who ride buses over millions of miles, ONE was killed. Knee-jerk.

3. Dontcha just love republican Senators right now? While privately being absolutely giddy with delight over Harry Reid's stupid remarks, publicly they're screaming & foaming at the mouths with righteous indignation for Reid's resignation. What a bunch!

4. So Sarah Palin has signed on with Fox. Gosh, what a surprise! Nevertheless, that's great news for normal people. She's exactly where she belongs. Out of the public's eye where she was making a pain in the ass out of herself (not to mention a complete fool) & into her own little corner with the rest of her gas bag colleagues where we can ignore her.

5. Would you like a lesson in self destruction? Consider NBC's handling of Leno, O'Brien & Fallon and the Late-Night slot. Whose head is going to roll over this one?

6. Mark McGwire finally admits to using steroids. What a pathetic loser. He must never be allowed in the baseball hall of fame.

7. And finally, Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol. I have a three part question: Who's Simon Cowell & what's an American idol & who cares?


gael lynch said...

You crack me up. There's so much in there, I've forgotten what I was going to comment about...oh, now I remember! Mark Mc. Well...it seems Tony LaRusso (sp) feels totally comfortable with Mark as a hitting coach. Well...doesn't that make sense?Keep those shades on Tony, and be sure to keep yourself awake at traffic lights. As far as she-who-will-remain unnamed-----God. Will she never go away? Maybe we could hire BIG FOOT to come and drag her back to that cave she crawled out of in the first place. Good luck, Fox. You'll need it. But then, they've got Glen Beck. Perhaps GB and SP could have a Tiger moment together and we'll be done with them forever. Okay, I know...I'm bad.

George Stockwell said...

Always happy to be your source of amusement. Plus, I get this stuff off my chest without going nuts. Blogs are great, aren't they?