Sunday, January 27, 2019

35 days wasted

Thirty five days later we're back to square one.  Exactly where both sides of Congress had agreed on to begin with. Then Trump reneged on his promise to sign the budget and shut down government for over a month.  Unfortunately our republican congress did not have the backbone to stand up to him-until it became obvious the democrats were not going to cave.  It was then that republican congressional leaders somehow managed to get Trump to back down-for 3 weeks. 

Many  of his base are calling him a 'caver'.  They stupidly wanted him to stick to his guns.  Well, he'll have a second chance three weeks from now when it starts all over again. 

There's much talk about Trump declaring a national emergency and pretty much stealing the $5.8 billion from somewhere else.  I hope it's challenged in court because the only national emergency is of his own making. 

On and on it goes.  A rogue, lunatic president running the country into the ground while a republican led congress stands by.   That's the national emergency!

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