Friday, June 22, 2018

In the mean time.....

The news for the past few weeks has been preoccupied with the issues of separation of children from parents and North Korea.  But in the mean time something else of significance should have our attention. That is the recent rulings by the Supreme Court.

The most recent for example gave states power to charge sales tax on internet purchases whether or not those purchases were filled in the state of the buyer.

This is important because it continues a pattern established by this very conservative court.  The power of the individual shrinks more and more with every decision.  Corporate and government entities on the other hand have growing power.

I am not a constitutional scholar but I have read in numerous places that the founding fathers meant for individual rights to supersede corporate and government rights.  What's happening now  is a very unfortunate turn.  We need very badly to put in place a president and congress who will return the court to a position intended by the founders. 

Keep this in mind on election day.

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