Saturday, May 19, 2018

THE STORM and a welcome surprise

On Tuesday afternoon, May 15th, the state of Connecticut was visited by 4 tornadoes and a macroburst (similar to a tornado in that the winds are extremely powerful but not the typical funnel cloud.  More like a flatout blast of air.)

The storms did horrendous damage leaving practically everyone without power for an extended period.  Even now there are several households out. 

We were extremely lucky.  Although we received extensive tree damage, our house was spared.  In addition we have a generator so we were able to preserve food, make hot water and enjoy one TV with attached DVD player.  Very unlike many people who had none of those things.

One other very pleasant aspect of this whole mess was the courtesy I observed by dozens of drivers who no longer had the guidance of traffic lights.  People stopped and allowed others to go anyway.  Sure there were a few idiots who had to block intersections or hog a gas pump but generally people really stepped up and showed consideration.

In this day of such acrimony and hostility and downright meanness coming from certain high quarters, it is very nice to see ordinary citizens acting decently toward one another.

Cause for optimism!

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