Thursday, May 3, 2018

Home again

We returned from Naples, FL on Tuesday.  Now for the big yard clean up but at least I'm not plowing snow!

I must be getting older because I'm getting more and more impatient when traveling-especially air travel.  I realize that flying to Florida from CT is certainly faster than spending 4 frustrating days driving there and back but it's far from pleasant.  In fact there's no such thing as 'painless' traveling.  Traveling ranges from moderately annoying to pure torture.

It begins with getting to the airport through morning traffic.  It continues with delays as we experienced down and back.  Even boarding and disembarking is annoying.  For example the next time you fly take note of the number of people who require wheel chairs to board.  On our flight back there were 14 people who along with family members got to board first because they were wheel chair bound.  Then when you land take note of how many are still sitting to be helped off.  On our flight there were two. It must have been a miracle flight.  Suddenly they're cured. 

Once you're off the plane you now have to make your way to either baggage claim or a car rental place and then from there on to your destination.

A royal pain. 

This summer we're going to Hawaii with my daughter's family.  There will be several flights involved but of course the time we spend in Hawaii will make it worthwhile.

Yes, I'm getting old.

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