Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Few Thoughts

There isn't much more to be said about the Florida high school shooting tragedy.  But a few thoughts do come to mind.

First, the response by the republicans in general and Trump in particular is worse than inadequate.  It's insulting and despicable.  The overwhelming majority of this country's voters  is disgusted with the situation  regarding guns.  I hope they're still just as disgusted when it comes time to vote.

Second, even if it could happen I do not advocate the repeal of the 2nd amendment and while better background checks is a start, it is  not nearly enough.  Guns must be kept out of the hands of lunatics and felons and people who commit domestic violence.  That means federal law must supersede state law. In addition gun shows must be subject to the same laws.  No more letting someone go to a gun show in Alabama, New Mexico, Montana or where ever and walk out with a gun.  This must stop.

Third and last:  Historians will agree that student unrest contributed significantly to bringing the war in Viet Nam to an end.  It looks like they're about to accomplish something similar where gun control is concerned.  Interesting.

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