Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well, it has been two weeks since my last post-the longest stretch between posts.  The main reason for this is because we were in Florida from the 3rd and got home yesterday the 13th.  Herewith I offer these updates.

1. The weather takes center stage. In southwest FL it was  up and down.  When we first got there it was chilly for us and really cold for them.  For example there were many days when the lows were in the high 30s and the highs in the mid 50s.  Add to that a brisk breeze and wind chills made it feel like 40s.  We used the heat in our condo for the first time.  We've been owners for 7 years.

The weather up here of course is far worse. Bitter cold and windy.  This after a very brief warm up which featured rain thus washing away most of what the big storm dumped.  We missed that happy event by one day.

2. All of this talk about the weather has some people-especially certain political leaders-suggesting this is proof that global warming is a fraud.  To do this is of course stupid.  You have to look at the big picture.  Global warming is just that-global.  Plus, you need to look at climatic change over a long period of time-not a few months.  But there are a significant number of people who refuse to be educated.  That will probably never change.  More's the pity.

3. Moving on to another kind of climate-the political climate.  Taking center stage in this category is obviously Trump's racist remarks about Haiti and other third world countries.  Everyone knows Haiti is a very poor country.  That's not the point.  The point is he pretty much said, "you're all worthless and we don't want your 'kind' here."  Not counting his remarks after Charleston, this was probably the most blatantly racist remark he's made yet.  He's a disgusting human being.  He needs to be impeached.  But with the congress we have that's not likely. From Paul Ryan on down they're a bunch of spineless idiots.  Let's change that for the next major national elections.

I think that covers the major news for the time being.  I'm sure there will be more. So for now it's back to the routine. 

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