Friday, February 24, 2017

Odds & Ends

Herewith a few odds and ends.
First, yesterday I turned 74.  At my age I'm not big into birthdays.  Maybe a little reflection on things as they stand but not much.  I'm just happy I'm still able to get up under my own power and live life fairly normally.  I don't honestly feel that old.  I enjoy being around the grand kids, I have a great family, I'm still able to tend to the yard and work up a supply of fire wood so all in all in spite of a few health related bumps in the road things are going well. On to 75!

Second, for my birthday my wife and I went to a movie and out to dinner.  The movie was called "Hidden Figures".  It's about a group of black female mathematicians who played a crucial role in the early days of our space program.  It was fantastic.  It will make you mad as hell and then happy.  Go see it.

Third, given the political climate these days you'll probably end up at a lot of movies for the foreseeable future just to avoid thinking about the mess we're in with bozo the clown running the country.  

That's all for today. 

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