Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy February

Goodbye, January.  Hello, February.

Although it can be one of snowiest months of winter, there's a lot to like about February.  First of all it's loaded with family birthdays one of which is mine.  Second, the kids get a break from school in the middle of the month for Presidents' Weekend.  In my day we used to get the whole week off but most school systems have gone to a 4-day weekend instead to get kids out earlier in June.

Another thing I like about February is that tiny, little light at the end marking the approach of spring.  I can even remember Februarys that had a string of days with temperatures well into the 50s. Sure there have been record snowfalls too but with the sun getting ever higher in the sky, it melts quickly.

Yes, February is a good month-not my favorite but good.  So happy February, everyone.

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