Thursday, January 19, 2017

Goodbye, President Obama, and thank you.

Goodbye, Mr. President, and thank you for your leadership for the past 8 years.  Over that time you have managed to overcome blatant hatred, bigotry and racism to help end one of the worst recessions in American history.  America now has the lowest unemployment rate in years and a recovering economy.  In addition to this you have kept us safe from foreign attack and you presented to the world an America who remembered its heritage of welcoming the persecuted and down trodden. The Affordable Care Act (an act that was never meant to be a finished product, rather a first step in the right direction) has enabled millions to obtain the health insurance they need.  (They will soon be at risk of losing it.)

In spite of having to deal with a Congress who vowed to resist every move you've made in spite of how good it may have been you managed to do all of this with unbelievable dignity, class and grace.   You have been a beacon of rationality and sanity in the face of hatred and exclusion.

And now we face four years (dare I hope not) of a level of  division, hatred, xenophobia, misogyny and bigotry that we have never seen before.  God help us.

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