Monday, December 12, 2016

Another monthly bill BUT...

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) we finished most of our Christmas shopping for the grand children.  This morning I'll do more. 

We're not doing this by bundling up against the cold, fighting traffic, jostling for parking places, maneuvering through crowds and standing in line.  We did it in the comfort of our family room, a nice fire going in the wood stove and me sitting in front of my computer.

That's right. Once again I find myself turning to the internet.  We went to several web sites for what we wanted but as usual I found myself buying most of our stuff from Amazon.  And it's not just at this time of year that I do this.  There are numerous other times when I've bought something off of Amazon.  In fact they just sent me a report telling me how much I spent in shipping charges over the course of this year.  I was amazed. The reason why they did that is because they're  trying to get me to join Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a program where you pay a monthly fee in return for which you receive free two day shipping on everything you buy all year.  In addition they offer a video streaming service.

So after doing the math I discovered I save more money by belonging to Amazon Prime.  I haven't thoroughly researched it yet but I think it's $99 a year. Since my shipping charges for this past year have been in the $160 range I think it's worth a try.  Just for Christmas shopping alone I should save a bundle. 

Stay tuned. I'll let you know how it turns out. Happy shopping!

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