Friday, September 9, 2016

Miscellaneous Observations

1. I regret to report that the Newtown Labor Day parade wasn't up to its usual standards. There weren't nearly as many marching bands but on the bright side my two grandsons marched with  other football players. Still it was fairly good although I missed my favorite part which unfortunately comes at the very end-the tractor parade.

2.  Tomorrow night I, along with several other former classmates, will be celebrating our 55th high school reunion. It doesn't seem possible that it's already 55 years but here it is.  I've kept in touch with some of the people who will be there but as one would expect every five years at our ages is going to be marked by loss.  As it happens there will be several people there who have lost their spouses. But somehow we'll manage to have a good time.

3. The weather is mercifully beginning to cool off (although today may be noted for  record setting heat). Next week the temperatures will be much more comfortable allowing me to get in the yard and get several chores done.  But I'm not complaining because you-know-what is in the not too distant future!

That's it for now. Please notice I've avoided comment on the dismal political scene.  Also, be sure to check my web site for updates-especially with Autumn approaching.  There will be lots of photo opportunities.

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