Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 2016-2017 school year

Today is the first day of school for Cole (3rd) & Nicholas (2nd).  Brooke (7th)  & Courtney (5th) go back tomorrow.  It doesn't seem possible that in just 5 short years Brooke will be a senior in high school.

This marks my 12th year of retirement but I still think back to those days when I was enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of my new class.  Even now I get in Cole & Nicholas's classes as much as I can.  Being around kids and helping them learn new things has always been enjoyable to me. It was the 'other' part of teaching duties that wore me out. 

It's good to see the kids still looking forward to the start of another school year. Part of it of course is just plain boredom with the summer doldrums.  The other part is getting back into a routine and reconnecting with friends they might not have seen all summer although these days unlike when I was in school kids are around each other all year-not just the school year.

It will be September soon so our thoughts can't help but drift to the coming seasons.  Autumn will be upon us soon  and while some people dread it because of the coming winter, I actually don't mind winter that much.  Sure, it's cold-sometimes bitter cold-but is that worse than stifling heat and humidity?  Not to me.  I'll be ready.

Click here to see Cole and Nicholas on their first day of school.

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