Thursday, July 28, 2016

What is it people don't get about leaving kids and pets in cars?

I admit it. There have been times when I've left my grand children in my truck while I run in to do something.  BUT when that does happen, it's when the temperatures are in their 70s or lower and when I KNOW I'm going to be a very, very short time doing what ever it is I'm doing.

But what about those people who pull up to a convenience store or somewhere, it's 90 to 95 degrees out, windows closed tight, long line at the counter and finally they get back to the car and, well, you know the rest?  What is it they don't get about how dangerous it is to do that?

Watching the evening news tonight I guess the answer to that question is 'nothing'.  They don't get it at all.

And the tragedies keep mounting up.  Well, as comedian Ron White reminds us over and over, "You can't fix stupid."

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