Saturday, June 18, 2016

Second thoughts-More on the alligator incident

Regarding my previous post on the horrible alligator incident in Orlando,  I more or less side with Disney World.  Briefly, I said everyone knows or should know that there are alligators around just about every body of water in Florida so due diligence is key.

After talking to some people and hearing what some have to say on the news I've pretty much done a 180 on the topic.

My son for example reports that he and his family were in an area of Disney World that was pretty much identical to the one where the boy was taken.  Apparently unlike many lakes around condos like mine, Disney made the surrounding shores look like beaches.  While there are 'no swimming' signs, many people assumed Disney would keep alligators clear of the areas.  Furthermore signs or no signs what do people do when they see an area resembling a beach?  The walk up to the water without necessarily swimming.

Consider this for example: if you have a pool in your yard without a fence and even though you have 'no swimming' signs plastered all over and a child wanders into that pool, you're libel.  Period.

On top of all of this are reports from previous visitors who can show copies of letters they've sent to Disney World management warning of having spotted numerous alligators.  In spite of that not much was done to warn people off much less fence off the area as they're doing now.  Well, you know what they say about locking the barn door....

So taken all of this into account I have to say Disney World at least shares some responsibility for what happened.  Having said that, let the law suits begin.

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