Sunday, May 8, 2016

Who's responsible?

Who's responsible-state legislatures or the fire marshal?  If you're wondering what I'm babbling about now, I'll tell you.  It seems someone-either Florida's state legislature or the fire marshal-has determined that having an electric grill on a condo lanai-either screened or not-should not be allowed due to the lack of sprinklers out there.

The fact is people down here have been using these grills for years but apparently someone somewhere left a burger on a little too long thus resulting in a grease fire causing Lord knows how much damage.  Now, because of that one or maybe even a few people's carelessness we all have to suffer.  After all the fire marshal said so.

This isn't a situation unique to Florida.  I remember during my teaching days when every once in a while the town would have to allocate thousands-many thousands-of dollars toward upgrading the school to current fire codes even though a school hadn't burned down since the days of one-room school houses.

The same applies to residential properties too.  Once when I was trying to get a certification of occupancy for an addition we did to our living room, the inspector insisted on seeing all of our smoke detectors.  I had three. I had to buy 4 more-one for each bedroom-none of which had anything to do with the original project.

I regard this as massive over regulation.  It wouldn't be so bad except it's costly and inconvenient. I think I'll start a petition-unless of course the extra paper involved is a violation of the fire code!

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