Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pet Peeve Number....(nevermind)

I used to number my pet peeves but I ran out of numbers.  Anyway, here's my latest-school buses.  Well, not exactly school buses themselves. After all we all know when school's in session, they're going to be out there every morning and afternoon like clockwork.  Plus, very often the driver sees a long line of cars behind the bus so they try to be considerate by pulling over and letting traffic pass.

No, the problem is not the bus, although it's related.  The problem is all these mothers (yes, it's mostly mothers. Fathers say goodbye and walk away). Why is it necessary for the mother of especially the little ones to stand there and carry on a discussion with the poor driver who keeps trying to close the door but mom continues to rattle one?  It's like they're experiencing  some sort of separation anxiety.

By the time the driver has hit his/her third stop, everyone is already late and the cars are lined up behind the bus.  For heaven's sake, give the kid a hug, kiss him/her on the forehead and then go somewhere.  What could you possibly need to know or tell the driver at this point in the year?

Thus endth my rant for the day-but then again the day is just starting so stay tuned.

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