Sunday, March 6, 2016

Guns in the news...again (still?)

Two gun-related items have been in the news lately.

The first was a piece reporting a controversy presently brewing between police and those who choose to carry their guns.

It seems the police are asking that laws be changed so they can ask to see a carry permit without there necessarily being a cause for suspicion.  The carriers are upset with this and regard it as an invasion of privacy. 

The second issue to make it in the headlines involves the suggestion that teachers carry firearms while at school.  The theory is that if there another situation as the one that happened in Sandy Hook should happen again, the nut job doing the shooting could be stopped.

In my opinion both issues are no-brainers.  The idea that police can't ask to see a carry permit is absurd.  If the person has one, fine.  Move on.  If not, why not?  What is he up to? Period. Done.

In regard to teachers carrying pistols in school, the idea is ludicrous.  Teachers do not belong in schools with hand guns.

What's happening in these two cases is typical of the whole subject in general.  It is utterly devoid of common sense which of course means the paranoid lunatics carrying on many of these conversations are bordering on psychosis. 

Great.  I hope they have permits.

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