Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm reading this weird book now by one of my favorite authors.  He's a popular author and known for writing about some very weird stuff like spirits and double lives.  The author is Dean Koontz and the book is about a woman who is spared a deadly cancer in order to save someone's life. From there the adventure gets more bizarre but I'll spare  you further details in case you want to read it.  The book is "Ashley Bell".

The reason why I brought this up is because after listening to the morning news this morning as I do every morning, I sometimes think I've been teleported into one of Koontz's worlds.  Talk about bizarro.

First we hear of a stand off between nut jobs who think they own federal property and federal authorities.  That was followed by Trump's childish rant at Fox news and his withdrawal from the debate.  Next there's the guy who hijacked a car with a child in it.  and it goes on and on.

I guess the solution is to stop watching the news but it's like an addiction.  I just can't help myself.

Oh well.  Off to the dump. At least things are normal there. 

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