Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life is about routines

As you may or may not be aware we just returned from a family trip to our condo in Naples, FL. It has become a family tradition for all 10 of us (6 adults, 4 children).

A trip like this is more than a chance to enjoy family time and good weather.  It represents a break from the routines that have become a part of everyday life.  Many of these routines become tiresome and sometimes stressful so a chance to unwind is always welcome.

But  there are some early morning rituals that refuse to be set aside.  We just can't seem to let go.  Check out the below picture to see what I'm talking about. Four other people are out of range of my camera but they're all doing the same thing with either an iPad, iPhone or a laptop. 

The good news is at some point not too far off, someone will yell  "OK. That's it. Electronics off.  Let's get going."  And then it's breakfast, workouts and of course the beach.  In other words...more routines!


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