Monday, November 16, 2015

And on the bright side....

 With all of the miserable news bombarding us these days (politics, terrorism, etc.) it's nice to be able to report some good news.

Exactly one week from today we will board an airplane and head to warm, sunny (like today here actually) Naples, Florida.  It's our yearly family trek to our condo for about 10 days to celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the weather and have a lot of family fun.  We return home in early December for not quite a month at which time we once again return to Florida for a little over a week in January. Then it's back home to hunker down for the winter. But then, guess what? Before you know it, it's spring again.

And so it goes.  Month after month. Year after year.

Next blog?  In a few days.  Possible topic?  Unless something comes up to annoy me, it will probably be about an issue I've stumbled across a few times lately: shame.

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