Sunday, September 20, 2015

Random Observations

1. I just read a short article in the National Wildlife magazine about a property owner's chore that gets closer every day-getting rid of leaves.  The crux of the article was don't do it.  Leave (no pun intended) them on the ground.  They'll help fertilize the lawn and they're good for wildlife.  You can mulch them with a mulching mower in the spring and help the lawn even more.

This sounds like an excellent idea to me.  I spend many hours roaming around my property with a backpack blower blowing leaves into the woods only to have a lot of them return over the winter by winter winds.  This year I'll try to cut down on that.  I'll save time, gas and a lot of aggravation.  I'll let you know how it works next spring!

2. I just read a news item that is of some concern to me.  Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox TV station, has purchased the National Geographic magazine from the National Geographic Society.  I note that this is of some concern because Murdoch is an extreme conservative who calls into question the scientific facts of global warming, evolution and the need for energy conservation.  Will future National Geographic articles reflect his anti science views?  I hope not.  If so, that will be the end of a long tradition of legitimate scientific inquiry.


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