Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Word about Birthdays

 Yesterday, Aug. 3rd, was my son's 42nd birthday.  I kind of like birthdays-not mine but those of my family.  I like to see the various members grow and I admire what they've become.  My son is an extraordinary example of this growth. 

Another notable birthday is one taking place today.  It's President Obama's 54th birthday. 

If I were Obama, I'd be looking at my past few years like this:
Second biggest recession in history: over
Gas prices: lowest in years
Deficit: down by two thirds
Bin Laden: dead
Unemployment rate: lowest since GWB
Health care now available for millions more.
And all in spite of the most hateful, obstructive and downright incompetent congress ever!
Nothing short of amazing.

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