Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take it down-or let it fly. Which should it be?

What do you think of when you see this flag?  Do you think it represents one of the United Kingdom countries?  Is it an older version of the Stars and Stripes? Maybe you think it's one of the state's flags.

What this is is the flag of The Confederate States of America.  As a result of the recent tragedy in South Carolina there's a bit of a storm revolving around this flag.  It seems the flag flies over South Carolina's state capital.  According to my information it also flies over the Alabama and Mississippi capitals.

Everyone has their own idea of what this flag means to them. Many people (mostly southerners I presume)  regard it as a symbol of independence, freedom from tyranny and self regulation-or at least that's what their politicians and many citizens say it stands for.

Here's what I think it means: insurrection, racism and ignorance. 

The Civil War is over.  The union endured.  State politicians have no business flying this flag publicly and especially not at a state capital.  By doing so they're sending the message that they embrace the values embodied in it.  It needs to come down.  Do you see the German swastika flying at state capitals or in Germany anywhere?  Of course not.  Take it down.  Now.

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