Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The-state-of-the-yard address

You know how the president is required by the Constitution to deliver a State of the Union address every year?  Well, I've been doing pretty much the same thing except it's not the Union that concerns me.  It's my yard. So here's the run down since my return from Florida.

 Jobs done:
1. Branches and leaves that fell or blew back into yard over the winter are pretty much cleaned up.
2. Lawn tractor and mower started up without any problem and first mowing is done.

Yet to do:
1. Blow those dangling seeds that come off of oak trees off the driveway and front porch.
2. Clean out gutters that are clogged with those same seeds.
3. Pickup and spread two yards of bark mulch.
4. Prep garden area for flower plantings.
5. Start cutting up fallen trees and limbs in back woods to add to firewood pile.
6.  Prune all dead stuff from Rhododendrons from winter kill.
7. Patch cracks in driveway.

That should do it.  The rest is just keeping up with the mowing and pruning.

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