Friday, March 13, 2015

Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair

On March 4th I posted a blog the purpose of which was partly to lament the pathetic level of scientific knowledge in the halls of congress not to mention society in general.

I went on to recommend science education be stepped up in our schools.

This morning I saw in the local paper a report about the Connecticut science and engineering fair.  The names of local participants by school and town were listed.  Imagine my disappointment to see not a single student from a Newtown Public school participated.  The public schools from area towns were also under represented if at all.  Students from parochial schools however were well represented-including St. Rose in Newtown. 

I'm glad someone somewhere is taking the issue seriously.  Too bad it isn't our public schools. 

Oh, and don't blame the Core Curriculum.  That's not the problem. 

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