Friday, December 19, 2014

Brief comments about two unrelated events

I have two thoughts regarding a couple of recent events. 

First, I went to Newtown Pharmacy the other day to pick up my eye drops.  There was one other person ahead of me and the lady checking people out was having trouble with the cash register.  It would not respond to of her efforts to use charge cards or just plain make change.  She was in quite a quandary. The pharmacist came over to help so the first lady got my scrip for me.  The cost was $9.04 and I gave her a ten.  This of course created quite a problem because she had to somehow give me $.96 change.  I told her to forget it.  Just give me the drops and let me get out of there.  No such luck.  They finally got the computer to work after a call to customer service and I was able to leave.

So that's what the world has come to.  If the computer isn't working, we're screwed.  Pretty sad.

My second observation regards Obama's announcement that the US will work toward normalizing relations with Cuba.  My response?  I say good. It's about time.  As for those Congressional republicans who have come forward vowing to block funding and appointments to make this happen, they're nothing short of hypocritical idiots-especially Cuban Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. What a total jerk.  He couldn't care less about Cuba or 'his people' as he says.  He's got his sights set on the Oval Office pure and simple.

How voters could put this pack of jerks in the majority in Congress is absolutely mind boggling.  I hope they get what the deserve. 

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