Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

Today is Election Day-mercifully! We're not electing a president but it's still important because there are many senators, congressman, governors and a bunch of other people of lesser importance running.  There's a chance-some say a good one-that the republicans will capture the senate. 

In a way that's good because then in two years when a whole bunch more people come up for reelection, the nation will see how much damage the republicans did and there will be a huge turnover.  Then again, the stupidity of the American electorate never ceases to amaze me so who knows.

But most important of all after today the plethora of TV ads and phone calls will stop.  While it will take longer  the lawn signs scattered all over town will slowly disappear too. 

Speaking of lawn signs, I wonder if anyone is swayed by those signs.  Do people drive along and subconsciously think "gosh, there sure are a lot of signs for that guy or gal, he/she must be better.  He/she is getting my vote"? They don't influence me, that's for sure.  In fact you could say they have the opposite effect.

At any rate, it will soon be over and life will go on pretty much the same as it always has for the next two years  at which time it all starts over again.  Democracy in action.  There are worse things!

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