Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Curious Mind

I attended a Veteran's Day breakfast with my two grand sons ages 5 and 7.  The 5 year old wasn't too into it because he was a little young to fully understand much of what was said and the speaker definitely bored him but the 7 year old couldn't get enough.

Following the program on the way back to their classrooms the 7 year old managed to ask me several questions.  He would have kept going had we more time and he may even pick up with it again when I see him.

Here are some of the questions I was asked:

1.     What did they teach you to do in the Army?
2.     What was everything you had to carry with you when you went camping?
3.     What did you do with your little shovel (entrenching tool)?
4.     When you camped out (went on bivouac) why did you dig a little ditch around your tent.
5.     Where did you take showers and brush your teeth when you camped?
6.     Did you ever camp in people’s back yards?
7.     When you put up your tent with the other guy how did you decide which side your dresser would be on?
8.     Did you ever see bears in the woods.
9.     How come you had to run so much?  Why couldn’t you just walk or ride?
10. How come they wouldn’t let you take your gun home with you?
11. Who got it after I was done with it?
12. What happened to all my army clothes?
13. (After listening to a talk about Veteran’s Day in the school cafeteria) What does sacrifice mean?
14. Why would you think someone else is more important than you?
15.  Why do other people want to hurt us? Why can’t we just get along like Nicholas (his brother) and me?

As I said, it could have gone on and on with the answer to one question leading to 3 more. 

 Don’t believe anyone who tells you kids never listen!

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