Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Morning At the Library

Do you recognize the picture shown below?  Right!  It's a library card catalog file.  You use it to get information about a book or topic.  Well, actually, you DON'T use it.  At least not any more because they've been replaced by, what else?, a computer!  I lost a dollar to my grand daughter Brooke because of this sad fact. 

The funny thing is that since this happened I've been informed that card catalogs haven't been in most libraries for at least 15 years.  (That's how observant I am!) It's much less work to use a computer and young people can manage it better.  That shows you how long it's been since I used a card catalog.  I usually know exactly what I want in a library when I go so I go directly to the shelf.

I've taken my grand children to the library many times.  They've become very kid-friendly with story hours, game & puppet corners, videos, computers, and a variety of other things to attract kids.

So if you have or come upon one of those old card catalog files, buy it.  They've become a hot antique. Go figure.


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