Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Should people be guaranteed a certain income?

The above question was prompted by the recent strike by fast-food workers who are demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage.

What do you think of this?  Is a certain income level a right everyone should expect or is a person's income a function of free market forces such as your initiative, level of education, work ethic and individual responsibility? 

If a person is unhappy with their income, shouldn't they take the steps necessary to acquire the skills they need to earn more or is it OK to simply demand more money?

Is the nature of a fast-food workers responsibilities such that they deserve much more money than they're getting?  Is there a concerted effort to discriminate against them or are they simply earning what their jobs are worth?

There are many issues where I come down on the liberal side but this isn't one of them.  I fully believe that each person should take responsibility for themselves and for their particular lot in life.  Sure, bad luck strikes us all once in a while and it certainly is difficult to accomplish some goals but that's life.  No one owes you anything.

Don't like how much you're making?  Take the initiative to do something about it.  There are many, many government provided training programs available.  Take responsibility for yourself.  Oh, and hold the fries!

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