Saturday, April 5, 2014

A recent day in kindergarten

As I may have posted in a previous piece, every Wednesday afternoon I go to my grandson Cole's kindergarten class at Sandy Hook School to do science experiments.  Cole's teacher is a former colleague of mine so she has been gracious enough to make time for me.  Plus she gets help with the science curriculum.

The topic for the next two weeks is weather.  On Wednesday we focused on wind so I did 5 experiments demonstrating air pressure.  Next Wednesday is rain so the focus will be on clouds and how they're formed.

Science is a topic kids are naturally curious about but it is often the one given the least amount of attention at school.  That trend needs to change or we have no hope of ever improving our youth's performance on science assessments-not to mention it's impact on technical progress and innovation.

In this picture I'm demonstrating a neat trick with a funnel and a small rubber ball.  From here we moved to a large lab table with a sink and we did more.  Then I gave each child a take home science sheet explaining how they can redo the experiments with their families.  Lots of fun and maybe even some learning.

To see more pictures of my days in kindergarten, click here: and go to the photo/albums/videos link.

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