Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day

Monday, Feb 3rd was a snow day for Brooke, Courtney, Cole & Nicholas.  Since their parents still have to go to work, I had the good fortune  to spend the day with them.

So what do kids do when they have a snow day?  Well, lots of things and one of those things was to play school.  But that wasn't the only thing they did.  Here's a list of the other things:

-Play with cars, blocks and marbles.
-Play on Kindles and iPads for a short period of time.
-Build forts in the basement while grammy worked out and grampy cleared the driveway
- Brooke worked on her weaving project for a while while Nicholas and Cole played with cars & marbles.  Courtney and I played Words With Friends.
-Everyone ate their way through pretty much the whole day.

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