Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to Naples

Our original plans were to leave Newtown on Friday the 3rd but weather forecasts made me realize that probably wasn't a wise idea since there was a significant threat of a storm so I moved the departure date to Thursday the 2nd.  That ended up being one of my wiser moves.

As it happens Friday and Saturday flights were cancelled so who knows when we would have finally gotten out.

So here we are.

Waiting in an airport surrounded by people who are experiencing delayed or cancelled flights is always an interesting experience.  We were sitting next to one lady who was cursing JetBlue up one side and down the other because her flight to Detroit had been postponed.  You'd think JetBlue planned the weather-the idiot! She wouldn't shut up the whole time we were sitting there and to top it off my wife kept engaging her in conversation.  I told her to ignore the idiot but she just couldn't resist.

Anyway, here we are until the 13th while our family back home tolerates the cold.  We'll be back there soon enough freezing our butts off along with the rest of them.

Until then, ta ta.

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