Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flu, Snow, winter temps-It's enough to try one's patience.

 It is, as I write, snowing.  On top of that Brooke & Courtney have the flu, Becky & Jen while maybe not having the flu aren't feeling so hot and Sandi is up to her eyeballs with work and tax season hasn't even started yet.

I, however, feel fine....so far.  And I'm not even all that upset that the snow we're currently getting is going to require a morning of cleanup.

I've been reading a lot of Facebook posts where people are complaining bitterly about the snow, cold and illness but I remain upbeat because I am typing this in a nice warm house and I know sick family members are going to get better. 

Besides, there are worse things--far worse. So cheer up (if you haven't already). Spring is just around the corner.

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