Saturday, December 7, 2013


I'm not surprised why many people go through periods of depression at this time of year.  Life doesn't put things on hold just because this is supposed to be a festive time. Several things come to mind that remind me of this. 

The first is the deteriorating condition of a 90-year-old friend of mine who lives in a nursing home in Southbury.  I visit with him every week and there's been a noticeable decline.  Also, his brother reports that he's been having 'mini' strokes.  I don't think he has much time left.

The second may seem trivial to some but not to me or others affected.  A family dog is very ill. I'm afraid it won't be long for her either.

Finally, we approach the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  That event is weighing heavily on the minds of just about everyone in Newtown and even elsewhere.

Nevertheless, there's plenty to be happy about. A recent trip to our condo in Naples over the Thanksgiving weekend with the entire family serves as a constant reminder that we have much to be thankful-and happy-for. 

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