Friday, December 27, 2013

An Invitation for Suggestions

A month or so before my retirement 9 years ago, I sat down and made a list of things I'd like to do.  One of the things high on the list was to keep this blog.  The other was to sharpen my skills designing web pages and have my own personal web site.

Toward that end, I took continuing education courses on a popular web design application called Dreamweaver.  I then went to a web based company called GoDaddy and purchased my domain name:  Then I paid for a two year web-hosting contract. 

Once I got my web site to look pretty much like I wanted, I uploaded it to GoDaddy's servers.  This happened in May of 2005. 

Since then I have been renewing my hosting contract every two years.  It's fairly cheap.  Less than $100.  Also, at some point after I had been up and running for a while, I learned how to add the code for hit counters.  As of right now (9:30 A.M. 27 December 2013) I have 34,879 page views.  Some of my other pages have much fewer since they were added later.

I am now approaching the point where I have to decide whether or not to renew for another 2 years.  I know my web site is not viewed as often as it once used to within my family.  One reason is because Facebook has usurped the need to keep a photo history of the grand children even though I know there are a number of people who view my website who are not on Facebook. 

So now I have to decide.  Keep the current format or try something very different.  Below is a picture of the index page with the navigation bar across the top.  Much of what I have is pictures, videos and my blog.  Even the link labeled 'odds and ends' is mostly neat little videos.  The problem is I don't really know how much interest people have in this stuff.  With grand children getting older, there are fewer and fewer photo opportunities.

I am therefore opening up this issue to discussion.  What, dear reader, do you think?  What would interest you?    I'm not even sure who accesses my blog from my web site as opposed to the Google Blogspot.  If you access it from my web site you can see a 'contact me' button in the navigation bar.  If not, you can reach me through my gmail address:

One idea I had was to devote my web page to a favorite historical subject like the Civil
War or World War II but there's already so much out there on those kinds of things that it would be kind of repetitive.

So I need help.  Suggestions please.  Should I just keep going like I've have been or take a new direction?  Thank you.

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