Saturday, September 28, 2013

An frustration

Following our usual routine, we went to the clubhouse gym this morning for our daily exercise.  The exercise room has two TVs, both set to the same channel for a stereo effect.

The station they're set to is of course FOX News  given the fact that many of the people who use the equipment are older and rather conservative.  I shouldn't complain because the more I hear those idiots on FOX, the madder I get and the harder I work so they're actually doing me a favor.

This morning's discussion centered on the looming government crises.  The commentators were naturally very critical of Pres. Obama and especially strident about his refusal to negotiate with House republicans.

What morons!  Don't they understand there is nothing to negotiate?  The Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) IS LAW!  Get it?  It's THE LAW!

The real issue here is that House republicans are scared to death that when Obamacare kicks in, it actually works.  They are hell bent not to risk that.  That would be their total undoing.

Frankly they're headed off a cliff anyway.  If they shut down the government, they'll be blamed completely...and with good reason.

The nation is so fed up with the inept performance of Congress that one has to wonder what's going to happen during the midterm elections.  Either everyone will just not care and stay home or there will be a major transformation.

Next up on my blog spot:  Is Obamacare socialized medicine as many wingnuts on the right insist or is it a logical next step toward health care equality?

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