Sunday, September 1, 2013

A very busy weekend

Labor Day weekend 2013
Friday, 8/30 baby sit Nicholas and his little friend Sean half a day.  Visit my friend Jack at the Lutheran Home in the afternoon and out to dinner with friends that evening.

Saturday, 8/31 baby sit all four grand children at Dickinson Park in the morning while their parents run the Newtown Road Race.   Later that afternoon to the Apple Store in Danbury with friends to help him buy an iPad.  Then out to dinner.

Sunday, 9/1 Shop in morning.  Picnic later that day at friends' house.

Monday, 9/2  Newtown Labor Day parade in morning.  Becky's house in afternoon for picnic.

The Newtown Road Race had a record number of participants.  In the beginning all the runners were cheerful and happy to participate,  yet as I watch a great many of them cross the finish line, they looked like they had  been tortured for the past 20-30 minutes.  But I guess as they say, running's good for you.  I'll stick to a nice brisk walk, thank you.

Brooke and Courtney back to school Tuesday the 2nd.

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