Friday, July 26, 2013

A (too) quiet house

For the past four days our two grand daughters ages 9 & 6 have been staying with us.  Their parents had work obligations that took them out of town all  week.

The girls returned home yesterday afternoon so this morning instead of getting up to let a dog out and start the day,  it is eerily quiet. 

No more giggling in their room.  No more dancing, singing, playing school,  helping with workbook pages,  settling minor squabbles and preparing breakfast-all of which happens within the first two hours that they're up. 

I have found quite logically that the older our grand children get, the less they need us to be involved with every thing they do.  They are quite capable of amusing themselves while I do routine household chores or workout or whatever else I might have to do.

There's a mathematical logic to this process in that the length of time they're able to go on their own is directly proportional to their age. 

This of course is normal.  We want our children-and grand children-to be independent.  But it's also a reminder that we too are getting older. 

We need to enjoy them as long as we can. 

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