Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Observations

1.  Ever wonder what the face of insanity looks like?  Here it is:
Minnesota Congresswoman (R) Michele Bachmann recently announced that we don't need to worry about Obamacare because God is going to get rid of it for us!

2.  I was sitting here the other day, working myself into a lather over the fact that in spite of a fully charged battery my lawn tractor won't start.  On top of that I have a 35 year-old tiller that in every respect runs great except I need two belts which are no longer available.  Finding suitable replacements has so far yielded nothing.  So while this is going on in my head, there came news reports about a massive tornado in Oklahoma leaving at last count 51 people dead, including children, and an area of devastation hard to imagine.

It was then I realized how lucky I was to have a house and yard in which to use my various machines.
Life is a matter of perspective.

3. We were with some people the other night who severely criticized the FBI for dropping the ball in the Boston bombers case.  They were of the opinion that if the FBI had been doing their job, they would have locked the two nut jobs up a long time ago.

I attempted to explain that the very thing that makes this country great-and very different from places like N. Korea, Iran and just about every other country in  the Middle East as well as Africa-is that the state has to have a thing called evidence followed by a trial before locking people up and throwing away the key.

No dice.  Logic does not work on those who have made up their minds.  Sometimes I think we're doomed.

4.  Finally, this bit of good news: The federal deficit is dropping dramatically to the point that in a few years, the federal budget will have a surplus.  Do you hear any republican politicians giving credit to Pres. Obama?  Neither do I.

To repeat yet again my oft stated opinion: the right is nothing but a bunch of hypocritical gas bags.  Throw in a dash of racism and it's clear we have a very ugly situation in our distinguished halls of Congress.

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