Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A question and an observation

This post is another one of a political nature.  Then I'll take a break from politics for a while...unless of course something happens that really makes me wonder...

1. What the hell is John McCain doing in Syria?  Is he still that sore for losing to Obama?  If we were to listen to him, we'd be at war in every part of the globe which is rather odd given his experience as a prisoner of war.  You'd think he'd do everything possible to avoid it.

He and his gas-bag buddy South Carolina republican Lindsey Graham are really beginning to annoy me.

Hey!  Maybe Graham will join McCain in Syria...and get lost.

2.  OK, what's mad woman Michele Bachmann up to?  She's announced she won't be seeking another term.  Not that it has anything to do with campaign finance irregularities or the fact she very nearly lost the last election.  No, certainly not that.  Could she be thinking about a run for 2016?  God forbid!!

That's my rant for the day.

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