Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pent up anger

Message One  4/20
 If I can figure this new ballot out, I'm voting to reduce the budget.  How come no one has spoken up on behalf of folks like me, long time resident on a fixed income, raising taxes almost 5%. I haven't seen one letter in the Bee against it.  People I guess are afraid because of 12/14 and that Police Department and Board of Ed. are taking advantage!
They want to create a police state with all these new cops and security guards, they're looking to get that full time kindergarten that was voted down last year, they want to spend a minimum of $45 million for a school in Sandy Hook.
They're driving me out of this town those bastards.
Why don't you do something, blogger person, no I guess you support all that bullshit.  

Message Two 4/22
Boy, spoken like a brain washed school teacher(retired w/money).  I know the SH-$45 million isn't in this budget, thank god.You really think the State and Fed. is going to cough up bucks huh, where the hell are they going to get the money, both are in serious debt or didn't you know that?

The families will move on in three years or less.  The teachers have to suffer a little, most of which probably live in another town like Kehoe, and don't have to foot the bill.  The full time kindergarten, I think, is a bad idea.  It's just a babysitting service for these yuppie Newtown people, they should stay home and play with the kids and do like you do with your grandchildren.  Kids have to learn how to play and amuse themselves, not in a structured school environment.
My solution would be to stay at Chalk Hill as long as possible (time heals), maybe do a little dress up to the current school and move on.  None of these big memorials planned, just move on.  The more you make out of this whole thing the more chance someone else wants to top it!

A little side note do you realize you car tax will go up about 35% in this budget because of the reevaluation coupled with this 5% increase.


The budget for the Town of Newtown went down to defeat on Tuesday the 23rd.  Both the government side and the Board of Education side were voted down with there being a much larger margin of defeat on the Bd of Ed side.

Most government officials and many citizens assumed that in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, it would pass easily.  Not so.

Consider the above two messages I rec'd from a friend of mine recently.    Judging by the turnout, it would appear the writer is not alone in his sentiments.  

Opponents of the budget have been very quiet this budget season for obvious reasons.  They don't want to appear to be unsupportive of the town as it continues to make its way through a very difficult period.  So instead of filling the papers with all sorts of hostile comments, they simply protest quietly through the ballot box.  I guess that's a good thing.

So in this respect at least, not much has changed in Newtown.  The battle of the budget lives on...and on...and on....

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