Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a way to run a company

For the past two weeks I've been attempting to resolve a problem with my daily newspaper--The News-Times.

It all started when I missed several deliveries because of bad weather and an incompetent deliverer.

The procedure is that whenever a delivery is missed or late for whatever reason, you call the paper, they note the complaint and supposedly extend your subscription.

Will on February 25th I got a new bill.  Naturally the subscription had not been extended.  I called and after a long wait, finally got to speak to someone who said they'd adjust the invoice to reflect the new subscription dates.

Two weeks later, no invoice.  I called twice today and got an automated menu saying leave your number and they'd call back.  Nothing.

I've never spent so much time trying to give someone my business.  Well today it ends.  No wonder the print media is slowly dying.  It has nothing to do with the internet.  It's because of incompetence-pure and simple.

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