Saturday, November 10, 2012

On getting soft....

I used to more or less laugh at people who went out and spent a bunch of money on a portable generator for the few times--if that--that electrical service was disrupted. 

I used to think, "What's wrong with people these days?  Is it so hard to read instead of watch TV, use bottled water or keep a wood fire going? Has this nation gotten so soft we can't endure a little hardship for a little while?" 

That's what I 'used' to think.  Now I see things differently.  We just experienced the 3rd prolonged power outage in just 2 years.  While we were extremely lucky for the first two since we didn't lose power, we weren't so lucky this time around. 

During Hurricane Sandy, we were out just 3 days.  Three short (actually quite long) days.  Plus we had ample heat and water.  But, as evidenced by a blog I wrote on November 3rd, it was far from pleasant.  The amount of food alone that we needed to throw away  was unacceptable.

There's one more thing:  Everything I've read about climate patterns and weather trends points to this kind of thing becoming the norm--not the exception.

Soooo....with all of that as background, we did it.  We bought a portable generator.  It hasn't arrived yet and there are other costs besides the actual cost of the machine.  We have to hire an electrician to wire it correctly so we don't hurt ourselves or someone working on the lines.  But it's my guess that it will be worth it.  Plus from a practical point of view, suppose when it comes time for us to buy a house requiring a little less work, someone sees this house and another almost its equal but we have the generator and they don't.  Which house will they buy?

I guess I'm getting soft. 

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