Monday, November 5, 2012

My Official Endorsements

Here they are--what you all have been waiting for-my official endorsements. 

For President of the United States:   Barack Obama-yeah, yeah, I know, the republicans are always whining that he blames Bush too much for the mess he inherited but let's face it, he did in fact walk into office when this country was on the brink of utter collapse.  People need to remember that.

I was very disappointed in Obama's effort to bring about health care reform at such a critical time but that to me is his only blip.

In the area of foreign policy he can't be faulted.  This country is safer now than it's ever been.  Romney's foreign policy:  let's see, what bank should I deal with today, the one I use in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands? many factories should I open in China today? 

Romney is clueless.  He's a rich businessman (good for him.  I'd like to be rich too) but utterly unprepared to be a president. 

For Connecticut's U.S. Senator:  This is such a no-brainer it's unbelievable. Chris Murphy--in spite of his missed meetings--is absolutely the better qualified. 

Linda McMahon is a self-serving weasel whose agenda is to make herself and her rich peers even richer and more powerful.   She isn't in the least bit interested in the problems of the middle class, or the elderly, or students, or the poor.  She's trying to buy a senate seat--simple as that.

Send her back to the wrestling ring where she belongs.

For the 5th Congressional District which is the post Chris Murphy vacated:  Elizabeth Esty.  Quite frankly I don't know that much about her but it's enough for me to know that her opponent, Andrew Roraback,  is a Tea Party republican.  As far as I'm concerned, the Tea Party is one of the most dangerous, destructive movements in the country today.  They may have served a purpose at one time--dumping tea in Boston Harbor--but today they are just a bunch of seriously misinformed obstructionists.

Whatever your choice may be, get out there and vote. It's your right.  It's your duty.

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Barbara Bloom said...

I agree with your last statement at least. Whatever your choice, get out and vote. Many people died so that we could have & keep that right.