Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Here!!!

Wonderful news, the Apple 6 iPhone is out-and preorders number in the several millions.  Isn't that great, or are you like me and don't even have a smart phone of any kind?  I do have a cell phone but it's as basic as you can get and it doesn't do much of anything except make and receive calls...which is all I care about.

I regard myself as a fairly tech savvy person but I simply don't need a fancy phone.   If it's any consolation we do own other Apple products, i.e. 3 iPods, 1 iPad, 1 iMac and a laptop MacBook Pro.  Plus Sandi has an iPhone so Apple shouldn't feel bad that we're not contributing to their already considerable wealth--and mine since I own a little Apple stock.

OK, where's the iPhone 7?  What's taking so long?

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