Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Blogger

From the pen (and head) of blogger Ken Mackenzie:
I just heard on the news that Obama raised $114,000,000 and Romney raised $110,000,000 to promote their cause IN AUGUST ALONE! I use all the zeros to make a point of how much we are talking about here. I think that translates to one quarter of a billion dollars.

The average annual American wage is about $35,000. Can you figure out how many folks this insane amount of money can put to work for one year???

If you do the math, you will find out that the answer is 6400 people. And what do we actually get? Hours and hours of being blasted by super pacs feeding us BS about the two candidates and their subordinates all of whom will save our collective asses.

If I use a more conservative estimate of only 5000 people to be employed from each month, that would equal 60,000 folks with full time jobs for one year. That's probably all the working people in Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, Brookfield, New Milford, New Fairfield and some other towns combined.

Only in America.

Editor's Note:
The closing sentence "only in America" is apt.  We are after all a democracy.  That means people have the right to do what they want...including be stupid.

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