Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy August 1st

The dog days of August are here.  For more about the month of August either go to the Almanac page of my website ( or click here.

Enjoy the month.  Before you know it the snow will be flying!!


kt said...

After two years of blogging I am about to call it quits. Most of the stuff I have posted this year was written before my dad died. I can't seem to come up with new stories. If I do I will start up again.

Now that I am no longer need to care for him I have had to find a way to cycle myself back into the life outside of these walls. I have gradually dipped my toes into that world and find that I am too busy to write. But, more importantly, I find that I am too busy to continue a relationship with all of you bloggers out there. I hate not commenting regularly!

Although it was you guys that literally got me through these last two years it seems so rude of me to not get around to reading and encouraging you, like you did me. I hope to remedy that soon. When school starts I plan to get pack to substituting, and with that, back to a regular schedule of some sort. That schedule will include a time to re-enter the blogging sphere to keep up with my many mentor's antics.

I am sending this to each of you as I want to thank you for your friendship and kindness.

George Stockwell said...

Hi Karen, Sad to see you leave the 'blogger world' but I understand completely. It's not easy coming up with new stuff every few days. Yet, having said that, I find my grand children keep me supplied with a constant stream of new material. Maybe in a few months you'll jump back in. Good luck.