Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Curious little boys

Nicholas and Cole have an odd obsession with the engine compartment of my truck.  On the other hand, being little boys I guess it's not so odd.  My grand daughters have never shown any interest in it at all.  I'm convinced we're pre-wired for such things.

Anyway,  as is often the case shortly after we go out to play, they ask me to put the hood up and then they  stand on the bumper to look things over. 

Inevitably the questions start.  What does that do?  Why?  What are those for? Why do you need them? What would happen if they didn't work?  Suppose I climb in there and you drive away.  What would happen?  Why?  Why do you need a fan?  Suppose something broke?  Could I help you fix it? What's an air cleaner?  Is it for us to be healthy?  Where does the smoke go?  Why isn't there smoke when you drive if you're burning something?  Can you put juice it it to make it go?  Why? 

And on and on it goes.  And yes I patiently answer every question. 

Soon they have the information they need so the next stop is the back of the truck where they like to climb in and explore but mercifully the back of the truck doesn't prompt  as many questions except they can't understand why they can't ride back there when we go somewhere. After all, his daddy and Aunt Becky did it when they were little so why can't they?

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